Produced between 1955 and 1960 (N ° 652 001 - 654 955).

It is the sportive model at the time : 590 cc and 35 CV at 6800 rpm for 202 kg. A top speed given to 165 km / h.

1959,John Penton got the record New-York - Los Angeles riding his R69 during 52h 11 mn and 1 second.

The model introduced here is the first of the series of 2956 produced machines :

maching numbers # 652 001.

It showed some particular characteristics compared to the following models:

- The spoke pattern for the wheels is crossed by one

- The brake arm on the a short one black painted

The front fender has no brace on it

The tail light is a small EBER, not a «coffee can»

The solo seat has a coil spring, not the common rubber «silent block»

The little half moon cover bolt on the top of the engine is different of the following models as bolts on the front cover

The headlight glass had a big «U» cast in it and the headlight ears are small ones

The headlight shell is from R25/3 which had the horn mounted just behind

The early R69 had a third muffler that was mounted under the engine in place of the crossover.

The air cleaner is the first model

The final drive is a 35/11 whithout venting system

The flywheel has a ball bearing as timing mark «S»

The transmission is a solo «S» gearing : an option only for the R69 at this time.

This restoration respect the whole of these characteristics detailed on the site de Duane and on the following page. Some elements were be hard to find..

This BMW R69 went out of the Munich factory on April 28th, 1955 to be delivered to Mr Latscha, the french importer in Asnières, the day after.

BMW R69 (1955)

Prototype R69 (Archives BMW)

Rénovation of the first R69 (1955- 2012)

To paint

Chrome plate

Polish and sandblast

Maching number ... one

Front and rear shocks are ready

Flywheel first generation

Clutch new

The solo seat of first R50 & R69 has a coil spring

Heads with new carburetors (its make a huge difference), the cover plates of these carburetors were changed later to match with the old ones.

Half moon cover and front cover with their original nuts.

Small  headlight ears were be replaced on the following models, The U head light glass is before 1961.

Manual advance system

The third muffler has 23 cm length, hard to find thanks to

At the right the crosseover in place.

EBER tail light and "Rennbrötchen" seat.

The renovation of this first model is done. Run great !

Air cleaner first generation . The final drive is a 35/11 and its lever is a short one.