Peugeot P108 (1929)

Born in june 1928, first Peugeot 108 cost 4800 French Francs (FF) without lighting, 375 FF additional are necessary to have it with an electric lighting Maglum.

It is the equivalent of almost 14 month of average monthly wages of the time (375 FF/month in 1930).

Manufactured in a number of 1928 to 1939, its price will drop in the years which follow its first marketing.

61 mm per 85 mm give it a cubic capacity of 248,4 cc.

The engine 4 times is with side valves.

A drowned oil pump grease the engine, distribution, the speed box and the clutch.

On the first models the speed command is carried out by a lever directly on the engine. The magneto with variable advance is initially a standard MEA BOV then replaced by standard France F, in the same way, the carburettor cast solid Zenith 20 HKG is then replaced by a AMAC 30 MDY.

Its weight is 110 kg and its maximum speed approximately 80 km/h.

The multiple transformations brought by Peugeot during all the period of its manufacture make the work of restoration more interesting.

The majority of the data indicated here are drawn from the remarkable work of the "Motocyclettiste Club" and its quarterly review.

Club du Motocyclettiste:"Au Bourg"71850 Charnay les Macon - FRANCE

This modèle was bought near Toulon.



Let's go to work

Dismantling in progress

Inventory and paint

Engine before

Engine after