Honda Super Cub

Marketed since 1958, the Honda super Cub was the most produced moped in the world with approximately 60 million copies.

Its horizontal single cylinder 4 stroke torque to a 3 speed gearbox with clutch semi-automatic was first produced in 50 cm3 and then 70 and 90 cm3.

Other versions will follow.

Honda Cub C70 (1982)

Supposed to consume 1 L / 100 km, indestructible, tireless, he flooded Asia, has had some success in the United States but remains little known in France.

This model here is a C70C made in 1982 in Belgium. His condition necessitated a complete renovation. A site for enthusiasts to visit without moderation: :


This Cub was immobilized a year outdoor after a failure. After a drain and with a new battery it started with a loud knocking in lower engine and a compression ratio of 4.5: 1 instead of 8.8/1.

Bearing connecting rod out of work, well tired head, exhaust welded by rust and spare parts from various generations, such was the State of this small fireball.

Before dismantling

The head will be changed for a new one. As will be piston, rings and wrist pin.

Engine from the cluch side

Engine from transmission side

Connecting rod and bearing must be new

Cylinder ready

Engine ready to put in

Working on the cycle part after paint

In progress