The Guiller brothers were in fifth position among the French manufacturers of motorcycles in the Fifties.

The company is then installed Place Puy Vau in Fontenay Le Comte in Vendée since 1909.

The 125 Cm3 with OHV engines were presented in 1949 in two versions: 3 speeds for the G87 and four speeds with the G88. It is this one which was renovated here.

The Guiller Brothers subcontracted certain elements like the tank (Mottaz), the brakes (IDEAL) the rims, the saddles.

The AMC engines, were manufactured by the «Ateliers Mécaniques de Centre», in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

This company, specialized in the manufacturing machine tools designed this very powerful engine for the time.

Moto GUILLER G88 (1953)

The Guiller motorcycle today are little documented which does not facilitate the restoration. The data on the cycle part are non-existent. There exists on the other hand a rather broad documentation on the AMC engines.(

This G88 was manufactured in 1953 and required a complete renovation.

La partie cycle et son moteur sont à rénover entièrement.


This Guiller motorcycle has not run for about thirty years. The engine preserves an excellent compression of 6,5/1 (AMC gave it to 6,9/1)but the cylinder head will reveal nevertheless a seat of inlet valve reported and welded with a big play. Only calamine ensured its sealing.The cycle part need a complete renovation.

Awakened after 30 years, its renovation can start.

Dismantling in progress

sandpapering reveals the olds strips. A good indication for the renovation. The name "GUILLER" on the tank will be reproduced by hand. (Thanks to Pascal Taka-hira

Painting process

Wheels are entirely rebuit

Fork need 30 to 50 ml oil each.

Le carburetor AMAC is dismantled, revised but finally out of work properly. IIt will be finnaly change for a new dell'Orto PHBG 18 AS.

The kick spring is broken. thanks to

The  AMC engine left side : distribution and clutch

Engine right side. The magnetic rotor gives spark and light. Contact open 2mm before O.T.

After cleaning, the valve seat is in poor condition (welded)

19" rims. front : 17 mm, rear : 45 mm.

The tank hub cap is bad, I decide to make an other one with wood

The gauge. Then let it in hot water and use the gauge. Let it dry.

The new head. Valves clearances: 5/100e mm

Moto GUILLER use an OS speedmeter

Contacts, condensator and coil are changed for new ones.

The tank needs to be repared and sealed.

A long and tricky job.

The two versions : walnut or leather.

The racer is done, ready for a new life.